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UPVC Tilt and Slide Doors

In a hot weather, many of us wish we could open up our living space with just a few turns of a handle. The tilt and slide door systems, allow you to do just that. Tilt and slide doors is a new technology that combines the elegance, space saving characteristics of sliding doors and the improved sealing offered by compression seals of tilt doors.

Our parallel tilt and slide doors are almost silent in operation and child’s play to use. The door systems are available in a range of colours including white, wood grain finishes, such as Cherry, Mahogany, Oak and Walnut and a variety of other solid colours. Our tilt and slide patio door is the most innovative and architecturally-correct sliding patio door on the market today. Our tilt and slide doors provide the functionality and ease of operation that will amaze generations to come.

UPVC Bi-Folding Doors

In the last few years, UPVC Bi-Folding doors technology has been successful in being the top choice of the homeowners. The UPVC bi-folding doors are need to be built using high quality materials, fabricated correctly and fitted by installers with experience in folding sliding doors. This is where PWD excels as we have vast experience and highly skilled craftsmen in manufacturing the UPVC Bi-folding doors. As with any type of concertina door, further adjustment is often required after installation due to moving parts needing time to “settle” into place, such as the hinges, rollers, locks and even the glass itself. However, our team excels in that i.e. you will never have such complaints after the installation of the doors.

Currently, we are offering the bi-folding doors with all of the features usually found in aluminium Bi-Folds. Our slim-line UPVC bi-folding doors offer a range of doors in different colours and up to 7 sliding panes at very affordable prices.

UPVC Residential Doors

PWD is a pioneer door company that deals in stylish yet affordable UPVC residential doors. PWD’s UPVC residential doors are available in an endless choice of styles, colours and configurations. These doors are made up of internal full steel reinforcement and multi point locking systems to offer high security entrances to your property. We are the UPVC door manufacture and do deal in manufacturing and installing double glazed doors having a sound insulation rating that blocks 80% of noise.

Not only our UPVC residential doors are effective but we will design and build them to meet your requierments to suit your property. Our energy-saving products in UPVC residential doors are custom made for each and every client using high performance UPVC frames and double glazing, which provides security, durability and advanced insulation. In short, you tell us your requirements of residential doors, we will provide the matching solution with all the possible customary options.

UPVC Sliding Doors

Many of us prefer the sliding doors or sliding folding doors so that we can enjoy more space in our property. Being a sliding door company, we understand that fully. That is why we are the top choice when it comes to providing UPVC sliding doors. We provide the UPVC sliding folding doors that take up very little floor area without intruding into your room or garden. The opening doors slide behind the fixed glass panels, which allows more flexibility for furniture and creates more space than other styles of door.

The captivating feature of our UPVC sliding doors is its smooth and quiet running. A number of perfected engineering solutions are combined to give rise to a reliable and comfortable sliding system. Even when carrying the largest panes of glass, our doors are so stable that they glide at the slightest touch, safe and easy to handle.

At PWD, we give you the stylish UPVC sliding doors integrated with the latest security hardware and zero maintenance cost. In addition, these stylish UPVC sliding doors allow the natural light to flood in your home.

UPVC French Doors

The French doors and French door designs are known for the elegance that they add to a property. These doors extend your home, bring extra light and the illusion of more space and can ideally be used for partition wall application. As we are the pioneer company providing doors solution, we offer a range of French Doors in range of styles and colours matching your requirement. Our French doors create an attractive opening to a garden or patio with negligible obstruction.

It’s obvious that doors providing the outer view of your home and keeping you secure from the outsider is a rare combination people love to have. That is why we manufacture the French doors providing better outdoor views without compromising your security. We bet that as a proud homeowner you and your family will enjoy the best view of the outdoors across the seasons.