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UPVC Double Glazed Windows

Homes are many, choices are widely different. Style with Quality is what people care about at all times. Paramount Windows and Doors offer you the widest range of style to choose, the choice that suits your style. We are the best double glazing manufacturer offering you the wide range of stylish, colours, finishes, and security options.

We manufacture the UPVC windows with special care and latest technology keeping your comfort, security and style on our first priority. We are the trusted UPVC window manufacturers by countless and that too over 20 years. Our product keeps you warm in cold and cold in summer with our best wishes to your health.

Further, we deal only in the “energy efficiency” rated range of UPVC windows. This range includes all the windows, such as UPVC Casement, UPVC Sliding Sash, UPVC Tilt and Turn, UPVC Georgian, and UPVC coloured windows.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are casement windows that open in two sets of hinges, one at the bottom sill and one at the side. In Europe, these windows are popular and prefect choice for multi-storey buildings and high wind loads.

We design Tilt and Turn windows such that they operate according to the comfort you choose. The art we put in these designed windows makes it classy, versatile, long lasting, and ultra-secure. It’s your imagination that we put to the real world. We offer wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, frames and colours so that you don’t face a lack of choices.

Tilt-and-turn windows remain air tight yet offer very large openings. These windows provide increased cross flow when opened horizontally. In addition, you can get superior ventilation of built-up stuffy air at ceiling level by opening these windows vertically. You will love the dual action handle and the comfort provided by these windows.

UPVC PWD Casement Windows

These are windows that hung sidewise and are attached with one or more hinges. Casement windows have outward and in ward opening. These windows use handles and locks and can be easily operated in classic manner.

PWD casement windows are perfect for providing you the perfect natural ventilations because of their great designs.These windows are designed in such a way that it suits perfectly to every part of your home. It allows breeze to flow perfectly through your home. In your kitchen, bed room or living room, the casement windows can be combined with best suited interiors of your home to provide you the best feeling of comfort and safety. These can also be grilled and has a negligible maintenance exterior, slim and sleek designed frames that gives the maximized field view in limited space. These features make them increasingly popular option for double glazing in Sydney and Canberra.

UPVC Sliding Windows

Sliding windows take less space, move sideways and are easy to operate. In these windows, glass is mainly framed in metal (mostly in Aluminium) to slide. Aluminium Sliding windows are most popular these days as it is an all in one combo. The space-saving design and easy operation make these windows a popular choice in Australia. These windows can be operated with just little flicks of the hands. The aluminium sliders, stainless steel rollers and low friction adjustable tandem rollers make it maintenance free for years. PWD’s sliding windows offers total style, protection and best choice to match with your interiors.

Sliding windows are perfect for multi story buildings, airy areas, monsoon view areas hotels, hospitals, balcony openings etc. These can be easily designed according to your demanded sizes and in powdered coated colours. The colour is long lasting for years and is not at all a reason to worry about.

UPVC Awning Windows

Awning Windows are hinged from the topwith stainless friction stays. These are double glazed windows that open outward providing ventilation without encroaching on internal space. Awning windows are installed higher up on the wall providing privacy and safety from outsiders. These windows are great choice for bathrooms and bedrooms. The ease of use makes these windows a perfect option to add over a counter or sink.

PWD’s Awning windows come with options, such as support arms, restrictors and a range of coloured locking handles. The design of the PWD’s awning windows offers the acoustic and weatherproofing advantage. Our Awning windows keep your home ventilated even during rains and hot sun. These windows prevent rain water and sunlight but let the ventilation circulating.

In addition, we offer wide range of designs, frames with combination of glasses that suits your essence. Our ultimate Awning provides maximum visual area impact and flexibility.

UPVC Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazed windows are now pretty much standard, with modern triple glazing taking the U-value of the windows down to around 0.8. Lots of new homes are now being built with triple glazed window or triple window and it is generally acknowledged as being better.In terms of highest energy efficient windows, triple glazing windows are the latest innovation.

The PWD offers the very latest models of triple glazed windows in the glazing industry. Triple glazed windows and double glazed windows share same spot in looks. However, the triple glazed windows are 60% and 40% more thermally efficient than the standard C- and A-rated double glazing windows, respectively.This efficiency results in saving you hundreds on your heating bills.

In addition, triple glazed windows offer a significant reduction in noise pollution andimprove your home security by adding another barrier to intrusion as well as strength. PWD’s provides triple glazing windows as Casement Windows, Tilt & Turn Windows and Georgian Windows. All these windows are available in a variety of colours and woodgrain effects.